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About Us

Our team of pet caregivers have all been certified & we train using only positive reinforcement methods.

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Who We Are

At HAPPY PAWS - PetCare our team of nationally certified dog trainers have been educated by some of the most prestigious academies in the world. Our pet caregivers have all been certified and specifically selected to give our pet owners the best possible experience. We've been providing top quality pet care all around the Denver area for over 50 years. We offer puppy training, dog training, pet sitting, & pet boarding to Denver. We also offer fully trained AKC registered psychiatric service dogs to the United States. 

How We Train

We train all our dogs using positive reinforcement training methods that have been scientifically proven to give the most effective results. These methods are backed by the United States Humane Society and the Dog Trainers Association of America. We never use any type of aversive or painful tools to train our dogs.

It's Very Simple - They Are Just Not Needed!

We Can Get The Job Done Using Humane, Effective, Positive Reinforcement Methods.

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No Shock Collars

dog choke chain

No Choke Chains

dog prong collar

No Prong Collars

- These Tools Have Been Linked to Aggression & Anxiety -

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Our dog training services provide long-lasting results that turn your new dog into the perfect companion. You will learn the essentials of reward-based training and how to pair it with proper timing and consistency to provide major improvements in your dog’s overall behavior. Most importantly, you and your dog will deepen your bond as you learn and grow together.

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