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Dog Sitting & Training

Our award winning Sit & Train service includes dog sitting & certified expert training that's top rated in Denver! 

What Sit & Train Includes

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2 x 45 Min. Visits per Day

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2 Times per Day


$1,549.99 for 7 days

Dog Training Skills Included

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paw print
paw print
dog obedience training
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dog sitting

Training Skills:

•  Sit 
•  Down
•  Stay  
•  Come
•  Drop It
•  Leave It 
•  Watch me
•  Go to Place

•  Release Cue
•  Leash Walking
•  Hand Targeting
•  Impulse Control

•  Chewing
•  Jumping
•  Destruction
•  Socialization  
•  Stress Signals
•  Potty Training
•  Crate Training
•  Nipping & Biting 

•  Proper Handling
•  Attention & Focus
•  Preventing Anxiety
•  Reliable Responses

Why Choose Us?
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Trusted, Experienced Pet Caregivers

Our expert dog trainers are experienced, certified, and train using the most effective positive training methods supported by science & backed by the ASPCA. 

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Video Updates

You'll receive video & text updates keeping you up to date on your dog's training so you never have to go too long without seeing your fur baby's face.

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Being Exceptional is Our Specialty

Our goal is to make your experience exceptional. Whether you need us to feed your fish or bring your mail inside, we've got you covered!  

Service Description

•  With this service, we combine the best of both worlds with dog sitting & dog training. Our trainers come to your home twice a day for 7 days. Each visit is 45 minutes long.

•  During these visits they'll have one-on-one personalized training sessions with your dog. They'll also take care of your pups meals and exercise needs as well.


•  For each visit, you'll receive a video showing you the training skills your dog's learned that day and keeping you up to date on their progress.


•  For young puppies needing more potty breaks and exercise, additional visits can be added for a service fee.

•  Perfect for having your pup trained while you're on vacation!

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The first step is to submit a Reservation Request! 

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