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dog training in denver

Advanced Skills 
Dog Training

Our advanced skills service builds on your dog's obedience training to develop strong & dependable responses.

What Advanced Skills Training Includes



7 Advanced Skills


6 Sessions, 1 Hour Each



Dog Training Skills Included

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Advanced Training Skills:

•  Advanced In-Home Commands

•  Outdoor Off-Leash Obedience

•  Commands with Leash Walking

•  Proper Greetings on Leash
•  Go to Place & Settle Outside

•  Enter & Exit Car on Command
•  Proper Etiquette in Pet-Friendly Stores

Service Description

With this service, our trainers strengthen your dog's responses to commands in-home and in a variety of outdoor, off-leash environments. These training sessions are designed to give you a well-rounded dog who's manners extend to various settings with nurmerous challenges involved. 


We offer this service as a 6 week course which comes with an hour long in-home training session each week OR as a 2 week course with 3 sessions per week. At the end of each session your trainer will meet with you for 10 - 15 minutes to show you the skills they've taught your dog and how to practice those skills with them yourself. We cover all of the training listed above and can replace any skills that your dog has already mastered with skills you’d like more work on. 

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The first step to start working towards your goals is submitting a Reservation Request! 

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