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Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions where we cover everything you need to know!

How Do I Get Started?

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We'll email you within 24 hours to let you know if your request is approved.

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Book Your Service

We'll send you an invoice via email to complete your reservation with us.


Do You Offer Pet Sitting Services Near Me?

We offer our pet care services all over the Denver Metro area! To check if we service your location, visit our Serviced Areas page.

What's Included in Your Pet Sitting Service?

Our pet caregivers are dedicated to going the extra mile for you and your pet! We can help with meals, walks / playtime, medications, litter box cleanings, watering plants, bringing in mail, rotating lights on/off, and of course giving your fur baby all the love they want!

Will I Have the Same Cat Sitter or Dog Sitter for Each Visit?

Yes, we understand how important it is to have consistency throughout your pet's care. We always send the same sitter to your home giving you and your pet(s) peace of mind.

What if I Need Pet Sitting for Multiple Pets?

Not a problem! Our sitters are experienced in caring for a variety of pets including: cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, horses, rats, mice, fish & more.

What if my Pet Has Special Care Needs or Takes Medications?

Our pet providers are thoroughly experienced in caring for pets with special needs and administering medications.

What if my Pet is Nervous or Aggressive Around New People?

Not to worry! We have providers who specialize in anxious, fearful, and aggressive pets. They are trained in reading how your pet's feeling by their body language and are able to easily adjust to keep your pet calm and comfortable. 

Do you Offer Dog Boarding in Denver?

Yes we do! We offer our boarding services to most clients within a 45 minute radius of Denver. We're proud to be top rated for dog boarding in Denver, Colorado. Each pet that stays with us is given a wonderful experience! We provide luxurious accommodations including private rooms, suites with individual beds, TVs, webcams, enrichment toys, and daily activities to keep your pup happily entertained.

Do you Offer Cat Boarding in Denver?

Yes! We offer our cat boarding services to most clients within a 45 minute radius of Denver. Your kitty will be given their own spacious cat condo with multiple floors for them to rest and relax in. Your cat condo comes equipped with a webcam so you can keep an eye on your baby at any time. Our cat room comes with a TV and tons of fun activities like cat tunnels, scratching toys, and huge kitty towers for those who love to climb! Our care providers give each cat dedicated one on one time for affection and playtime multiple times per day as well. 

Do You Offer Meet and Greets?

Yes we do! You can request a meet and greet when you make your reservation with us. Our of our sitters will come out to meet with you so you're able to show them your pet's routine and go over any special needs they have.

Why Should I Choose Your Company?

We've been providing reliable, trusted pet care in Denver for over 50 years! We only hire true animal lovers who have a passion for caring for animals and are equally passionate about providing excellent customer care. We pride ourselves on our commitment to offering the highest possible quality of care to every animal and every client.

Have Any Other Questions?

Please fill out a reservation request & we'll be happy to help!

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