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5 Most Essential Tips When Raising a Puppy

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Start Training ASAP

When training a puppy, it's crucial to begin training right away. Some prefer to DIY the puppy training process while others prefer getting professional puppy training. No matter which route you go, remember to start your training as soon as you meet your puppy. This means that if your cute little bundle of joy greets you by biting your hand, you need to be clear in telling them thats not polite rather than allowing them to do so.

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Training is Always Happening

Keep in mind that no matter whether you're intending to be training your puppy or not, learning is always happening. This means that at this age your puppy is like a little sponge for information so its important to make sure they're soaking up the right information. Even if you don't realize it, your puppy keeps very good track of the things they see you do. For example, if they see you give a treat every time they sit, that behavior is now more likely to happen again and again. On the flip side of things, if your puppy for instance pees on your area rug while you weren't watching, they now have that memory in their mind and it's also more likely to happen again. The best way to avoid this is to constantly supervise your puppy and start potty training early so you can minimize mistakes like this.

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Socialization is Crucial

Next in importance is socialization. Socialization encompasses a wide variety of new experiences that you'll want your puppy to have before they pass their critical socialization period. This means that in the first few months you have them, you want them to soak up as many positive new experiences as possible. The key here is to make sure these experiences are happy and have a lastly positive memory for your puppy. It's important not to overwhelm your puppy with too many new things at once so be sure to be in tune with their body language whenever introducing them to new things.

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Set Expectations

Having expectations before you even bring your puppy home is going to help set you both up for success in your puppy training. Because puppies will pick up very quickly on whats allowed and whats not, it's vital to be teaching them right from wrong from day one. This also means having your own expectations of what your routine will look like, what your training schedule will look like, and what your potty training will look like. These three essential expectations will have a huge impact on the time you spend with your puppy. If you're constantly cleaning up accidents, you won't have time to properly train your puppy.

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Always Reinforce What You Like

As the golden rule, you should ALWAYS reinforce whenever your puppy does somethings that you like especially in the beginning. This can be as simple as saying "good potty" when they go potty outside. Or giving them a treat for waiting patiently to be let out of the door. Everything that you reinforce with praise, affection, or treats, is more likely to happen again. If you go with our HAPPY - PAWS PetCare Puppy Training in Denver we cover all this and more.


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