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Hyper Puppy? Read THIS!

puppy training hyper dog

Knowing Whats Normal...

Does your puppy have you at wits end with all their craziness? Puppies are naturally energetic, playful, and mischievous. It's important to have done research on how to best raise a puppy before ever bringing one home because the amount of work they can be is most definitely too much for some people. Not only do you have to expert some amount of hyperactive behavior in most pups, but there are some breeds who have an even greater chance of being extra hyper, especially as young ones.

If you have a herding breed like a Shepard for example, or a Retriever, these breeds are known for being high energy dogs. So during their puppy years they can be a handful to deal with. Just like with small children they go through this phase where they'll be extra hyper and then crash hard and take a nice long snooze. This is generally true to all dogs no matter the breed you go with.

hyper dog

How To Make Your Puppy Training Better

If you're dealing with an overly energized pup, the best thing to do is start training early and be consistent. Having boundaries and rules is especially important with dogs who move and act quickly. Teaching the basic command is of course crucial but you'll also want to devote time to teaching proper ways to use their mouth while playing and how to greet others without jumping all over them, as these are things you'll usually see in high energy dogs.

Keep in mind that YOU have the greatest control over your puppy's stimulation level. This is mainly because you are the main provider of stimulation, so if they are not receiving enough from you, it's likely you'll see them start expressing this in other ways. These ways may include: jumping, biting, destroying furniture, etc. However, you can counteract this with two types of activities, mental and physical stimulation. Physical stimulation or exercise is without a doubt the biggest contributor to energy levels. Mental stimulation or "brain games" are a close second. Making sure your pup has plenty of exercise will be key to having a well-behaved dog. Also providing them with puzzle toys or enrichment games is going to help work their brain and tire them out.

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How to Best Set Your Expectations

Owners who regularly provide mental and physical exercise for their dogs during their early years see HUGE improvements in behavior overall. After all, these are the years they'll be learning how to go about living their doggy life and you want to make sure they have a good routine to follow. Starting them with a dog training service as soon as they're old enough is going to be an enormous contributing factor as well. Do right by your pup and make sure you're giving them the best possible start in life!

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