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Is Board and Train Right for You?

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What to Consider When Looking Into Board and Train Options for Your Dog

What dog training does your dog need most?

Understanding what type of training your dog needs plays a huge role in deciding the best route for their training option. For example, if you've just brought home a new puppy or adult dog and you'd like to get them started off on the best foot possible but just don't quite have the time and effort to put in, then board and train may be an excellent choice for you. With our Board and Train program we teach your dog all of the essential life skills they'll need to know to make the best companion for you. We cover everything from basic obedience to how to properly socialize your dog, and even how to recognize stress in your dog.

If however your dog's biggest issues are related to fear, anxiety, or aggression, then board and train may not be the best option for you and your pup. There's been a lot of studies recently proving how issues like anxiety and aggression can actually come from genetics, not environmental factors. This alone does not mean that boarding your dog would be a bad route to go, but it does mean that there's a chance the boarding train will not be as affective for them. The reasoning behind this is that there are many dogs who suffer with these behaviors because they're based on deep rooted fears or PTSD from previous trauma in their lives. This can be especially true for shelter dogs or dogs who've been adopted with unknown histories. Training from these type of dogs must be approached in a much different way.

For example, a dog who's showing signs of anxiety and aggression could become even more increasing dangerous when separated from their owners and home. Depending on their comfort level with strangers, it could be a long road to getting a dog with these issues to be able to feel comfortable enough to learn from their trainer. If a dog is does not feel safe then they're not able to learn successfully. This is key when deciding which training methods is the best pick for you both.

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Think About How You Want Your Dog to Learn

When choosing a board and train program ask about their training methods. There are a huge variety of training methods out there, but not all training methods are created equally. At Happy Paws - PetCare we only ever use positive reinforcement training, which means we never use force or fear to train dogs. But unfortunately even in the Denver Colorado area, there are some companies who do still train uses these outdated techniques and tools like shock collars, that cause your dog pain. These methods have been proven to have negative long-lasting effective on a dog's behavior and mental state which is why they are outlawed in other places in the world. The ASPCA educates owners and warn them about these dangerous training methods but in the United States we still see trainers using them. This is why it's so crucial to make sure the company you choose for board and train is using positive reinforcement training methods. If a company is not happy to tell you all about the methods they use to train the dogs, thats a huge red flag and I'd highly recommend searching elsewhere.

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