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Looking for the Perfect Cat Sitter in Denver?

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Step 1. Make Sure it's a Great Match!

• There's tons of options for cat sitting in Denver, but not all are created equal. It's always a good idea to thoroughly screen your potential sitter before you actually hire them.

• When consider your options, keep in mind that some companies have a pre-set program that may or may not fit your needs. Ask about their set up and how they typically handle their cat sitting service.

• Think about your cat's needs and make sure your choice is going to be able to meet all of them. Sometimes companies are only able to visit twice per day. This may be completely fine in some cases but could cause a huge problem in situations where the cat may need medications to be administered.

• Be sure to get information about their work history and experience. At Happy Paws, we'll send you an introduction video for your pet caregiver so you can feel comfortable knowing who's going to be caring for your pet.

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Step 2. Give Them as Much Information as Possible

• When signing up for your cat sitting service you'll typically be asked to fill out a form giving information on your cat's specific needs. It's always a good plan to be thorough with these notes. Give them as much information as possible so that they can provide your cat with the best care possible.

• Consider leaving a note in your home with instructions that are really important to ensure that nothing is lost in communication.

• Think about what your cat's normal day-time routine is like and try to match that with your cat sitting service as much as possible. It's less stress on your cat to keep their scheduled feeding times and attention times as similar as possible.

Step 3. Be Sure to Stay in The Loop!

• It's stressful for most people to be away from their pets, that's why we provide photo and text updates for every visit. You'll also receive a text from your pet caregiver to let you know when they are on their way there. This is a small detail that helps to ease your mind while you're away.

• For each visit our pet caregivers will let you know what they did while there, how your cat is doing, and communicate any other important information with you.

Step 4. Go With Someone You Trust

• While it may seem like common sense, going with a reputable company with a proven track record can make all the difference in the world! No one likes feel uneasy about having a stranger in their home while they're away. What if something were to happen to your pet while gone? What if you weren't able to get ahold of someone when you expected them to be looking after your fur baby? These are things that you can be confident with when you go with Happy Paws! From the very beginning of our process we make sure that every single person who joins our team is carefully screened, experienced, educated, and trustworthy. As animal lovers, we've created our services with our pets in mind making sure that every pet is given the highest quality of care. Our goal is always to make our clients experience exceptional.

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