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Need a Pet Sitter for a Diabetic Cat?

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If you have a diabetic cat you probably feel even more nervous than most owners about taking a trip. With the endless options for pet sitters it's hard to know which way to go with care options, but Happy Paws - PetCare has you covered with our top rated Cat Sitters!

Sure, you may be able to employ the high schooler down the street to help with pet care, but in cases where your pet's health is a real concern, its always best to go with a professional. Your mind will be much more at ease knowing that you'll have an experience profession cat sitter who understand the special cat needs of your kitty.

When it comes to specific diabetic care needs, it's important for your care provider to not only know how to properly care for your cat, but also know how to recognize if your cat is showing signs of medical issues. Since cats are more easily prone to stress than dogs, noticing signs of distress is something that our sitters are all throughly educated on. Cats are especially prone to changes in appetite related to stressful events or changes in routine, like when you go away on vacation or for a work trip. This is why we closely monitor your cat's stress level by getting a baseline for their normal behavior during your meet and greet, and then continuously noting any behavior changes during your visits.

In addition to behavior monitoring, our cat sitters are also trained in the latest AVSAB recommend treatment protocols. These include procedures like giving shots, fluids, and monitoring blood levels. We're also able to properly check for signs of dehydration, poor blood circulation, and hypoglycemia.

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Knowing the Essentials of Handling Diabetic Cats

No matter what company you choose to go with, it's crucial to pick one thats highly educated in caring for animals with health concerns. First and foremost, your care provider should have experience administering shots. While some diabetic cats may become easier to handle over time, others can be extremely difficult to administer medications to, especially when it involves needles. It also can be upsetting for some cats to be held and restrained by a stranger. This is why having a meet and greet with your caregiver prior to your travels is so vital. Your cat is much more likely to be accepting of a new human when your able to introduce them on good terms before any medications need to be given. It's also helpful overall to the kitty to be able to get to know their care provider personally so they can gain trust for the person who will be caring for them while you're away.

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Above All ELSE...

While having a sitter who is experienced in administering your cat's medications is of the utmost importance, it's also extremely important for the sitter to build a good relationship with you and your cat. Cats can be highly sensitive creatures and adding the stress of you being away from home can sometimes be enough to upset their routine. This why is you'll want to be sure that whoever you entrust with the honor of caring for your kitty is trustworthy, kind, and in-tune with your individual cat's needs. Submit a Reservation Request form today to book an excellent Cat Sitter!


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