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Private Dog Training vs. Group Classes

When it comes to getting Dog Training Services in Denver it is incredibly important to go with a company you can trust. Once you find a company who fits you and your dog well, the next question is what service should you go with? Knowing the pros and cons to different dog training options is the best way to make an informed decision about your dog's training. While training classes were once all the rage, the modern person simply does not have the time to fit in driving to an hour long class where they may or may not learn the training skills they were seeking in the first place. The best way to meet both yours and your dog's needs is often times private training lessons.

Group Classes Can be Challenging

If you've ever taken a puppy to group training classes then you know, it's not what you would imagine. If you haven't, think about what a class full of high energy pre-schoolers looks like, typically complete chaos. Now these are puppies we're talking about so just imagine how much more complicated things get. The list of things that get in the way of your dog's learning can become incredibly lengthy. Trying to keep your own puppy focused can be tough enough without adding in accidents from dogs who got a little too nervous, barking dogs who just can't seem to calm down, and even aggressive dogs who have not been properly socialized and are now a danger to others.

With everything going on in a group class, the best of instructors will try their hardest to keep all of the dogs on track and engaged. But the truth of the matter is, there's usually only one instructor there. If you have a classes of 10 or 15 then it would be physically impossible for them to take the time to make sure every dog is learning. All it takes is one dog who won't stop barking through the class or two dogs to get into a fight and they'll have to stop the entire class to address the problem at hand. To no fault of their own, managing a group training class can become overwhelming for the instructor, and underwhelming for the hopeful owner looking to get their pup started out on a good path in life.

Why Professionals Recommend Private Lessons

In the early stages on your dog's training, they will be more likely to make mistakes and they will become more easily distracted. These are two of the main reasons why private lessons are usually the best choice. Making mistakes while learning is all a part of the learning process. Dogs are not born knowing how to come when called or how to walk nicely on leash. Mistakes are necessary for learning to take place. We teach them skills over time with a trial and error process. The problem with group classes is that there is no room for mistakes. The instructor won't have time to go around to every dog and help fix the problem they're having. They have a certain amount of time to teach a behavior and then they have to move onto the next one. If your dog didn't get the lesson in that allotted time, they have now fallen behind. Sometimes a simple adjustment of your body language or tone of voice is enough to correct the mistake, but if your instructor doesn't have time to help show you the correct way, then it's a lost cause.

With private lessons this is never the case. Your trainer will be working with your dog one-on-one to make sure they learn the correct behaviors and skills. When they make mistakes, your trainer will help guide them to the right decision. There's never any rush to move on to something else without making sure that all the essential training is covered.

Private Lessons Avoid Distractions

Private lessons provide the opportunity to learn in a distraction-free environment. When your dog is starting to learn anything new, there's always a heightened risk of distractions derailing the training. It's very common for puppies to become easily distracted especially considering they have such a short attention span in the first few months. When you work with a private trainer, you don't have to worry about distractions getting in the way of your dog's learning. Starting out in a quiet, familiar environment gives dogs the very best chance to succeed with their training goals. Private lessons enable your dog to learn in their own home environment, where they can be empowered to learn more, and be surrounded by the people who love them most.

Find out more about our Private Dog Training Services, or sign up for an evaluation to get advice on which training is best for your dog.


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