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Top 5 Toys for Your Cat & Cat Sitter to Play With

When your cat sitter comes by to care for your kitty while you're away, you'll want them to be able to have fun and bond together! That where having some amazing cat toys comes in. Not only will your kitty love playing with their new toys, it'll also give them some positive interactions with their sitter.

cat with balls

The Classic Jingle Balls

The classics are classics for a good reason. There's just something about a jingle bell inside a rolling ball that gets kitties everywhere all excited! They LOVE the sound, the rolling of the ball, and most of all: chasing after it! You can get a 10 pack of these at any local pet store, Walmart, or amazon for less than ten bucks. They make a great first set of toys for a new kitten or cat and they certainly won't break the bank. Try out different colors, or sizes to see which ones your kitty loves the most.

mice toys

Old Fashion Mice Toys

Again, here we have a classic toy that just ranks on the top of all cat lovers lists. These are another affordable toy that are a huge hit with most cats. They typically come with some kind of sound maker inside whether thats a rattler or a jingle bell. Some even come with catnip scent already on them. The only down fall to these babies are that they easily end up lost. Most finding themselves under beds, couches, shelves, etc. Their size makes them a super fun toy to bat around but that's usually how they get wedged somewhere and lost forever so plan to have to keep buying these ones at least once a year.

scratcher toy

Rolling Ball & Scratcher Cat Toy

Definitely grab yourself one of these 2 in 1 scratcher and rolling ball toys! These are more on the expensive side but they're pretty commonly found at thrift shops because older cats tend to get tired with them over the years. But for a kitten, they are pure bliss! They can bat the ball around in circles to keep themselves happily entertained. But the best part of this toy is the scratching piece in the middle. These cardboard pieces are typically replaceable so don't worry if your kitty tears it up! That's the purpose of the center piece, to be a scratching outlet for your cat. They can even keep their own nails groomed this way saving you the time and effort of a nail trim.

kitten string toy

String Chasing Cat Toys

These string chasing toys are most definitely a MUST for the younger kittens! They come with long sticks where you can attach strings, other toys, feathers, etc. This is a great way to start bonding with a new kitty since it requires you to be involved in the playing process. It's also great exercise for your cat so it can be helpful for those who ay be carrying around a few extra pounds.

interactive cat toy

Interactive Cat Toys

Lastly, we have our interactive cat toys. These are fantastic additions to your cat's space or play around because they are very much a "set and forget about it" type. These are a hit or miss for some, but the ones that do like them, really love them! These also tend to be a bit pricier but they can be found used for pretty cheap. If you're looking for help with your cat's care don't forget to check out our Cat Sitting service!


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