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What are the BEST Dog Training Treats?

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Zuke's Mini Naturals

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The reason Zuke's Mini Naturals makes the top of our list is that they check off every box you could possibly want in a dog treat. They're healthy, the perfect size, and dogs LOVE them! With less than 3 calories per treat you can feel a lot better about rewarding your dogs good behavior without worrying about unhealthy affects on their diet or bathroom routine.

If your pup has never had beef flavored dog training treats before then it's a good idea to only use a small amount in the beginning to let their digestive system adjust that way you won't have stomach issues later on.

Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Treats

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Stella & Chewy's is a close second for the best dog training treat! They're made in the USA and they only have one simple ingredient per flavor. For instance, if you get the beef heart flavor, they are 100% beef heart. They're perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or puppies who haven't adjusted to puppy training treats yet.

They're gluten free, grain free, and poultry free. Unless you prefer the chicken flavor of course! The fact that they're freeze dried helps them stay fresh longer than say a piece of cheese or meat for example. Because they're raw they are also really good for your dogs digestive system.

Bil-Jac Dog Treats

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Lastly, we recommend Bil-Jac Dog Training Treats. These tasty treats as great if you have a low budget and don't want to break the bank. They are no fillers and no soy in their recipe. They're perfect size for training treats also! Best of all, you can get 3 packs of over 600 treats in for under $40. Now that takes a big load off for any of those who are trying to manage a tight budget.

Most dogs LOVE the flavor of these treats and are willing to work hard to earn them. That's the ideal goal in these situations.

How to Pick the Right Treats for Your Dog

Finally, we want to discuss how to pick the right treat for your dog training. It's easy to do a taste test to find out which ones are your dog's favorite and thats's exactly what we recommend doing. While doing your training try switching up which treats you use. See what kind of reaction you get. If your dog all the sudden gains enthusiasm and is ready to do anything you ask right away, then you know you've found your winner. Keep in mind you'll want to use these are your high-value reward and not necessarily on a day to day basis. That's what will keep them so reinforcing for your new puppy or dog.

If you're having a hard time getting your dog excited about training, contact us today to learn more about our dog training services in Denver, Colorado. Our trainers are certified and experienced in dealing with dogs who just don't seem excited about training. Sometimes using different treats can help, but other times dog's need a different type of reinforcement to be excited for their dog training lessons. We cover all this and more in our puppy training program. Good luck & happy training!


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