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What's the BEST Dog Food for my Dog?

raw dog food

Raw Dog Food Diets are the Healthiest Option

If you're wondering what the best possible food you can feed your dog is, the answer is a raw diet. Raw diets have become more popular over the past several years and they truly are the optimal option if your main goal is finding the healthiest food. However, they do have some major downfalls including food contamination, high cost, and their inconvenient nature. On the upside, feeding your dog a raw diet if possible will give them the best nutrition which has been proven to improve overall heath in many different areas and can lead to a longer, happier life for your pup.

The main thing to consider when considering a raw diet are weighing the pros and cons for your and your dog's particular life style. If you're able to afford a significantly higher price point and have the ability to prepare and feed the raw diet, then you are good as gold. If on the other hand you're worried about the downfalls here are some things to keep in mind. First, handling raw meat can be dangerous if you have young ones in the household. Second, preparing these meals does take a good amount of time and effort. Third, it's crucial to make sure that the diet you feed them contains all of the vitamins and nutrients they need to be healthy. You can do this by researching raw diets or by contacting a pet nutritionist.

dog food dehydrated

Dehydrated Dog Food is The Next Best for Your Pup

If you're thinking well I'd like to feed raw, but it's just not possible for me at this time, then your second best option is dehydrated diets. These are raw diets that have been pre-made and packaged so that you just have to add water and feed. They take the hard work out of gathering all the correct ingredients and prepping the food for your pup. In general, these are very healthy dog foods and they will give your food exactly what they need without the extra inconvenience of raw feeding. The only major downfall to these foods is their high price tag. In some cases, a months worth of food can cost upwards of $150. However, if you have a small breed dog who eats much less than say a labrador, then this could be much more affordable for you!

Typically they come in small nuggets or patties and your only prep needed is the adding of the water. But some of these foods do need to be first defrosted, depending on how you have to store them. They are great for dogs with special dietary needs or dogs who have allergies because most of them are high in quality ingredients and will provide your pup with all the essential nutrients.

kibble dog food

If you Must Choose Kibble for your Dog, Choose Wisely

Over the last decade or so, the public has been exposing the big brand name pet food companies and educating the owner on how awful dog kibble can really be. We have seen a huge uptick in the amount of information that's now available to the public and there are some significant conclusions we've been able to make now. First, most kibbles are not healthy diets for dogs. Even the best kibble on the market is likely to have way too many carbohydrates and not enough protein for your dog. This is because as consumers we want a low price point and the convenience of food that will stay preserved for weeks. In order to get those things, we have to compromise on the quality of the food we feed.

If you do have to go with kibble, make sure to read the ingredients and do your research before buying. Always pay attention to the wording on the bag as well because there are some loop holes the pet food companies use to trick the consumer. A good example of this is using the word "beef flavor" instead of "beef diet." In these cases, the companies who put "beef and rice flavor" do not actually have to put any beef in their food. If on the other hand you see "beef and rice" diet, then you know that these two ingredients must make up at least 25% of the food. Be sure to pay close attention to the first five ingredients and also choose one with a meat as the first ingredient. Wellness is a great example of a balanced, nutritious kibble for dogs.


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