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When Should You Start Dog Training Classes?

Bringing home a pet is exciting and the first few days are often the best. You might be laughing with a little puppy, or cleaning up after them. If you get an older dog, you may be hoping that they are somewhat trained and obedient. When you start to settle into life with your new pet, you will need to decide when to start training. Dog training can be easy for some dogs, but incredibly difficult for others. Dog Training Classes are the best way to go, but you might be wondering when to start these classes and what they entail.

Puppy Training

If you get a dog as a puppy, then the earlier the better to start teaching obedience commands and socialization. Puppies do have short attention spans, but even from a very early age puppies can learn socialization skills and can pick up on basic obedience commands. You might be able to teach them to sit and stay, at this age.

This is the ideal time to start training using positive reinforcement training. This is also the time where you can potty train, and begin socialization. This will allow them to learn more quickly and become well-rounded dogs.

Formal Dog Training

11 to 12 weeks is the age where formal training may begin. These classes will begin to teach your dog proper techniques for basic and more advanced commands. A dog training professional can also help you to learn potential bad behaviors or training concerns before they become an issue. One-on-one training or immersion training is incredible for avoiding distractions in a controlled environment.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Some dog schools recommend waiting for training until the dog is four to six months of age. If you skip the early times in a puppy’s life, then they have the opportunity to develop behaviors that might eventually need to be addressed in the future. This can mean anxiety, aggression, or a variety of other problems. By training good behaviors from the start, you can often avoid this.

Before starting training, talk to your vet. Ensure that your puppy is healthy enough to begin training and has started their vaccination series.

Training for Rescue Dogs

If you are a dog owner who found or bought a dog from a rescue, then you will have a different timeline than those with puppies. Depending on the background of the dog, you might also require different training.

Once you are ready to begin training classes give us a call. We can help you decide the best option for you and your dog. All of our trainers use positive reinforcement dog training methods. Contact us today.


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