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Which Cat Sitting Company is Right for You?

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One of the Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Cat Sitting Company: How Experienced are They?

Finding someone whose experienced is almost always the best choice. Most pet owners have a certain sitter they've been using for years who they can trust and depend on. But for new pet owners, they're faced with an important decision about their cat's pet care needs whenever they need to go out of town or on a trip. For most, choosing someone to trust with your cat's health and well-being can be a bit stressful. But luckily, there are some guidelines we'll discuss in this article to help you make the best decision for you and your loved one.

So how do you know how experienced a cat sitting company is? Well the best way is to do some research on the company and see what their business goals and values are. Usually you'll be able to get a good idea about how the company is run from their "About" page on their website. You may also think about looking at their google business profile to see what other previous customers have had to say about their experience with the company. This is a great start to finding out if this company will be a good choice for you.

When researching a company, you'll want to pay close attention to the staff member individually who will be taking care of your cat. Most companies will send you an introduction video after booking to give you a good idea of the person you'll be working with. After hearing about your pet caregivers experience, background, values, and training, you'll be able to start feeling more comfortable about the whole process.

Another huge detail you'll want to consider is, if an emergency situation were to happen, how would it be handled? Especially for cat's with medical issues, this is something you'll want to consider before leaving your fur baby. It's a good idea to disclose any medical issues your cat has or is prone to before your cat sitting begins. This puts your pet caregiver in the best possible place to care for your cat.

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All Kitties Aren't Created Equally

Another very crucial thing to think over when looking for a cat sitter is what your specific cat's personality is like and what their individual needs are. You of course want to find a pet caregiver that's going to give your cat the exact type of care they need. We all know that some cats could personally care less if anyone touched or pet them, whereas others would love nothing more than to nudge their head against your head repeatedly. Then you have kittens who are typically more playful and could really enjoy some chasing toys or a scratching board. It's important to keep in mind how your kitten or cat likes to keep their lifestyle and sticking to that is a great way to keep them happy while you're away.

When communicating with a professional cat sitting company, you'll also feel at ease knowing that we take extra care and precautions when it comes to an animals special needs. At Happy Paws - PetCare, we're all animal lovers ourselves so we deeply understand exactly the emotions you feel when being away for your pet. We help to make the experience a wonderful one by paying extra attention to your individual pet's special needs or requests. We also take the time to follow any additional instructions you have so that we have ensure you have a great experience with us. It's never fun to leave your pet behind, but knowing they're in safe and loving hands, makes all the difference in the world.

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