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Why Lab Puppies are the BEST!

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Lab Puppies are Perfect Family Dogs!

One of the biggest reasons for the Labrador Retriever's popularity is their reputation for being amazing family dogs. They're temperaments are moderate-high energy and they tend to be very affectionate, friendly, and great with children. Their personalities are typically highly agreeable and they're also known for being very easy to train making obedience training much easier to handle especially for an inexperienced dog owner. It's also important to note how much they love interacting and working with their owners. This key trait is what makes them such great candidates for service dogs. They have a natural instinct to want to work with and please their owners which is exactly the type of personality you want in a service dog, therapy dog, or an incredible family pet.

Anyone's who has owned a lab will tell you that they make an amazing addition to your family and that life just doesn't feel quite right without them. They truly become part of the family and take their role as a family member to heart. The reason they're so good with children is typically associated with their high energy and forgiving nature. This means they can easily keep up with the high energy children usually have and they're also much more likely to keep their cool even if your kids energy becomes a bit overbearing. They are known for their ability to bounce back quickly from new challenges and also their abilities to problem solve. These qualities are exactly what you want in a pet. If your dog has difficulties with adapting to new environments or excessive handling, then they likely won't be as great with children. For these reasons and many others we will discuss, lab puppies are the number one dog in the United States.

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They're EASY to Train!

Labrador Retrievers were originally bred and trained to work with fishermen making them inherently eager to please. They've been bred for decades to work with hunters of all types and help them by performing certain tasks like flushing birds out of a field or retrieving an animal that was shot. They also have the incredible ability to sniff out and alert to other animals by doing whats known as "pointing." But that's not the only thing they alert to. In modern culture we use labradors to alert to all kinds of medical conditions due to their easy trainability.

If you're looking for a dog who you can take anywhere with you and have confidence that they'll listen to you whenever and stay loyal to your needs, then the lab is the perfect dog for you! Their intelligence makes them the perfect dog for first time dog owners. Since they've been bred for so long to perform tasks with their humans, these traits carry on in their genetics making them amazing to have as a pet and to train for service dog work.

Service dog work isn't for every dog, but having a dog who's nature is to be extra caring and pleasing, is the best way to start. Labradors commonly work as service dogs doing medical alerts for anxiety, seizures, blood sugar changes, and much more. They're able to pick up on both visible symptoms and invisible symptoms which we as humans are not always able to notice. This is what makes them so crucial to those with serious medical issues.

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They LOVE Everyone!

Labs are known for being very affectionate with of course all types of people, but also with all types of dogs! This makes being a pet owners significantly easier than with a dog whose not very keen on new people or other dogs. Having a social dog truly has a huge impact on the type of lifestyle they'll have, which in turn affects the type of lifestyle you'll have as well. It's important to make sure your dog's needs are recognized and respected, not all dogs are social. If you live a pretty active life and meeting new people and dogs is a normal part of your life, then it's vital to choose a dog who is going to adapt to and enjoy that type of life, like the lab. The labrador retriever is understandably one of the best breeds for nearly everyone!


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