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Why You Want an Experienced Dog Sitter

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What's the Difference with an Experienced Dog Sitter?

Sure, you can hire the teen in your neighborhood looking for a summer job, but you'll have a HUGE difference in your experience if you go with an experienced pet sitting company. While you will have a cost increase, some things in life are worth paying more for and your pet's well-being is likely on that list. Below we outline the main differences you'll have with an experienced sitter vs. the alternatives.

Communication is a Big Deal When it Comes to Your Dog

When going with an experienced company, you get a much better experience when it comes to communication. Most companies will give you a response back from your original inquiry within 24-48 hours. You'll also be updated while your pet's being cared for in your absence. Most pet owners love being given daily updates about their pet's adventures with their pet sitter and the adorable pictures and videos that come with! It's also noteworthy to mention that when going with a company, you have the peace of mind that if something were to go wrong, like your sitter getting sick for example, your pet's care would never be compromised. Whereas when you're dealing with a single person if they're unable to come for any reason, you're now stuck having to figure out a backup situation while you're away.

Unfortunately, these situations are much more common when dealing with a less experienced sitter. Trying to figure out how your pet is going to be fed or let outside to go to the bathroom, and heaven forbid they needed medications to be given. This can create an extremely stressful situation for any pet owner, and it's definitely not something you'll want to be trying to get sorted out while your on a trip somewhere or a vacation. This reason alone is enough to go with the more experienced option.

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A Little Peace of Mind Goes a Long Way

In the worst case scenario, say your pet get's hurt of sick while you're away, you want someone who has experience with these situations to be making sure your fur baby is ok. When you go with an experienced dog sitter you can have the peace of mind that if your dog were to get ill while you're gone, they're much more likely to catch it or notice the symptoms than someone else. They're also more likely to handle the situation better because they have protocols in place to ensure that pet's are always getting the care they need.

For instance, an inexperienced sitter may not notice that your dog's stomach seems to be bloated. Something as simple as this can actually be a sign of a serious medical emergency because an abnormally bloated stomach can be a precursor for a medical condition called Gastric Dilatation Volvulus. This medical condition if left unnoticed or untreated can be deadly.

In addition to having more knowledge surrounding medical issues that may arise, you'll also have someone who's well trained in how to handle an emergency situation where your pet may be hurt or injured. Sadly, this is a common occurrence with unexperienced dog sitter where a dog accidentally slips out of their collar or harness while on a walk and gets hit by a car. Or they may be injured at a dog park by another dog. In these situations where your pet's health and well being are at risk, it's always better to have someone you can trust fully handling the situation.

We recommend researching your choice for your pet sitting needs thoroughly before making a decision. Most pet owners find that even just one bad experience with a sitter leads them to the conclusion that in most cases, it's not worth the risk going with someone who's less experienced.

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