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Puppy Training In Home

Our most popular service! With this service, our trainers do the majority of training one-on-one with your dog.

What In-Home Puppy Training Includes



24 Training Skills


6 Sessions, 1 Hour Each



Puppy Training Skills Included

paw print
paw print
paw print
dog obedience training
handler training dog leash walk
puppy stay training

Training Skills:

•  Sit 
•  Down
•  Stay  
•  Come
•  Drop It
•  Leave It 
•  Watch me
•  Go to Place

•  Release Cue
•  Leash Walking
•  Hand Targeting
•  Impulse Control

•  Chewing
•  Jumping
•  Destruction
•  Socialization  
•  Stress Signals
•  Potty Training
•  Crate Training
•  Nipping & Biting 

•  Proper Handling
•  Attention & Focus
•  Preventing Anxiety
•  Reliable Responses

Service Description

•  Our most popular choice! With this service, our trainers do the majority of training one-on-one with your puppy. 


•  We offer this as a 6 week course which comes with an hour long in-home training session each week OR as a 3 week course with 2 sessions per week.


•  You have the option to have your trainer work directly with your dog or for you to be more involved with the sessions. If you'd like to have your trainer work primarily with your dog, then at the end of each session your trainer will meet with you for 15 minutes to show you the skills they've taught your dog and how to practice those skills with them yourself.


•  If you'd prefer to be more involved in the training process, owners are also welcome to join for the full length of the sessions.


•  The perfect choice for any new puppy or dog! We cover all of the training listed above and can replace any skills that your puppy has already mastered with skills you’d like more work on. 

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The first step to start working towards your goals is submitting a Reservation Request! 

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