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  • Positive Reinforcement Training | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    positive reinforcement training OBEDIENCE TRAINING 101 GUIDE Positive Reinforcement Training ​ Positive reinforcement training is the practice of training your dog through praising and rewarding their good behavior. These methods of training have been thoroughly studied and scientifically proven to be the most effective. Positive reinforcement training uses classical conditioning and operant conditioning to train dogs how to perform behaviors, how to feel comfortable with their environment, how to socialize well with others, and overall how to positively interact with the world around them. Classical conditioning is practice of pairing positive associations like food with experiences like meeting new dogs. Operant conditioning is the practice of giving your dog the opportunity to work for a reward like asking for a sit and then giving a treat. ​ ​ Punishment Based Training ​ ​ Punishment based training is the practice of training your dog by punishing bad behaviors through the use of intimidation or inflicting pain. KEY POINT: ​Many people are unaware that dogs only have a one second learning period after they have done a behavior to learn whether it was good or bad. This is why punishment is an extremely ineffective way to train. It is very unlikely that your dog will understand what it is they are being punished for. This is also why we have to be quick with our praise and treats when we use positive reinforcement training. Punishment based methods were mainly used throughout the 80’s and 90’s until studies brought to light how significant the negative effects were. Sadly there are still some trainers who use these methods which has made it hard for the public to know which methods they should really be using to train their dog. ​ ​ Why Punishment Can Have Disastrous Effects ​ ​ If your dog fears you due to repeated punishment, you will not have a dog who is eager to work for you or do what you ask of them. You will instead have a dog who is afraid to respond to your requests because they fear punishment. In this module, we go into more depth on how to be an effective dog leader . A dog who is fearful is more likely to bite and have major aggression issues down the road. Many dogs who develop fear of humans because of repeated punishment end up in the shelter system. There is a fine line between punishment and abuse. Punishment does not have to be out of cruel intentions but it can have extreme effects. For example, if a person came home to an accident on the floor and then grabbed their dog by the collar, dragged them over to it and yelled at them, they might not mean any harm by this. They might just intend to teach their dog not to go in the house. The problem is from their dog's perspective they have already passed the time period where they can even remember why they are being punished and are now only learning to be fearful of the person. Repeated experiences like the one just described can create a dog who is afraid of human hands coming towards their face or their collar. Since dogs most commonly bite out of fear you can see how this can quickly turn into a dangerous situation. Now imagine if a child goes up to that dog and tugs on their collar, this is a recipe for a bite and it’s likely they’ll now be another dog who ends up in a shelter. Dogs who are frequently yelled at, physically restrained, or caused pain by prong collars or shocking devices, have a high chance of developing fear, anxiety, and aggression. PRINT

  • Nail Trim Reservation | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare

    Nail Trim Reservation Request Please note, unfortunately we're unable to accept pets with a history of aggression towards people for this service at this time. Name: Email: Phone: Address: Please list ALL pet(s) name, age, sex, & breed together below: Does your pet(s) have any medical conditions? If yes, please explain: Does your pet(s) need to be muzzled or restrained for nail trims? If yes, please explain: If necessary, are you or other members of the household comfortable helping to restrain or hold your pet(s) for their nail trim? Please describe your pet(s) typical behavior during nail trims: Any additional information you’d like to add? I agree to the Service Terms & Conditions By checking this box, I certify that my pet(s) is up to date on their vaccinations. I understand that if my pet(s) exhibits aggressive behavior towards my provider, this service may not be provided. Your Signature Clear Submit Request Sent!

  • Evaluations | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    Evaluations Help us Find the Perfect Pup for You! Name: Phone: Gender: Email: Address: Age: Diagnosis / Illnesses: Household Information Please list the members of your household & their ages (including children): Please list any of pets in your household, breed & age: Have you owned a dog before? Have you trained a dog before: Do you rent or own your home? What type of dwelling is it (apartment, house, etc.) Do you have a yard / outdoor area? Please describe the area & approximate size: Owner Information What are your goals for having a psychiatric service dog? How do you plan to care for your psychiatric service dog? How will you spend your time with your psychiatric service dog? What qualities are you looking for your psychiatric service dog to have? When do you plan to get your psychiatric service dog? Any additional information you’d like to add? Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Jumping | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    jumping OBEDIENCE TRAINING 101 GUIDE Key Note : Dogs jump up to engage with us. When dogs engage with each other they sniff heads and bums, but with us they have to get up higher to do that, so they jump. ​ ​ How To Stop Jumping ​ Make it a rule that if they don’t have all four paws on the floor, they don’t get any attention. Make sure everyone in the household sticks to it. Ignore them completely when they jump. Don’t talk to them, look at them, or push them away. All of these behaviors are attention and whether it’s good or bad attention, if your dog gets it, this will encourage them to continue. In addition to ignoring the jumping you can turn away and give them your back. If needed you can walk away or leave the room. KEY POINT: Make sure to catch the moment they switch from jumping to having all four paws on the floor. Immediately praise and reward them for making the right choice. If after the praise they start jumping again immediately go back to ignoring them, give them your back and wait for them to stop. When they do praise and reward. Repeat this exercise. This is how we teach them that if they want to engage with us, jumping won’t work, they must keep all their paws on the floor for that to happen. Create a New Routine Teaching them a new behavior to replace the jumping behavior is an effective way to change their routine. For example, when they come to greet you teach them to sit instead. Make it your new daily routine. When you come home, before they have the chance to jump, ask for a sit and then praise and reward. Creating a new routine like this will change the pattern of jumping to greet you and they will instead learn to greet you by sitting. ​ ​ Troubleshooting Jumping ​ ​ ​ If turning your back makes them jump more then use a loud noise to interrupt the behavior like “UH-UH” or a loud clap, and then walk forward towards them into their space. This will typically discourage the behavior because they’ll have a hard time keeping their balance to continue jumping if you are walking towards them. As soon as they have all four paws on the floor, praise and reward them. Use a time out for your dog as a last resort. For this exercise, the second your dog jumps immediately take them to a dog proofed room for 30-60 seconds. Do NOT use their crate for this exercise. We don’t want to create a bad association with their crate. Instead use a room or a dog proofed area. Again waiting only 30-60 seconds and then give them another chance to make the right choice. When they are released from the time out, ignore them at first. No touching, talking, or eye contact. When they approach keeping their paws on the floor, praise and reward this correct behavior. If they come right back and jump, repeat the exercise. Time outs need to be given immediately when the dog jumps so they understand the consequence of their jump. The time out needs to be short because if the dog is isolated for a while, they’ll likely forget why they were given the time out in the first place. Never release your dog from the time out when they are whining or barking. Wait for a few seconds of quiet and then let them out. We don’t want them to learn that barking and whining will get them what they want. Repeat this exercise as much as needed. Some dogs will learn in a few repetitions, some dogs need a few weeks. For those who occasionally like the behavior of their dog jumping up to say hi, you can train a “hug” command. Teaching a command for this means this behavior is only acceptable if you ask for it and they are never allowed to jump up unless you ask. PRINT

  • Grooming Referrals | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare

    Grooming Referrals in Denver 1 Mobile Pet Shine 2 Lucky Dog Grooming 3 Rainbow Grooming

  • About | Cat & Dog Sitters | Pet Sitting in Denver | Cat Boarding

    About Us We strive to brighten the world by providing support to our community & their animals. For every reservation made with us, we donate 3 meals to local shelter animals. Book Now Our Mission At Happy Paws - PetCare, all of our care providers are insured with Pet Sitters A ss ociates and certified in animal first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. We pride ourselves on our commitment to offering the highest possible quality of pet care to each and every animal. However, our mission goes even beyond this. That’s why for every reservation made with us, we donate 3 meals to local shelter animals. Member and Insured Through In the U.S. more than 6 million animals enter shelters every year. Sadly, many of them are euthanized due to limited resources. These shelters give such an invaluable public service to our communities. Our goal is to advocate for them and the animals they care for by giving endless love and support. We believe every animal deserves a loving home and we want to help make that happen! Our Guarantee To You As pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of a quality pet caregiver. That’s why we only hire the best of the best. While caring for animals is of the utmost importance, we also carefully select providers who reflect the qualities we’d want to see in our own animals caregivers. These include personal qualities like having an incredibly caring spirit, excellent attention to detail, and a passion for helping others (both furry and human!) What Makes Us Different? While popular big corporations and apps may be able to provide a quick fix, we find they often fall short on other aspects of care. Many clients are uncomfortable knowing that since these providers work independently, when they cancel a reservation with short notice, clients can end up with last minute emergencies. Leaving them scrabbling to find a replacement before their travel plans or even worse, with an emergency care situation to figure out while they’re on vacation. Another concern we often hear is about the lack of screening and training. While there are of course great caregivers on these apps, we believe it’s important to know the risks. We understand the big role convenience plays with these options, however we like to put more emphasis on the longevity of the client relationship and overall experience. Our clients feel much more at ease knowing that when they entrust us with their animals, they’ll always have a qualified, experienced, and trust-worthy caregiver. We place a huge priority on continued education with our team. Our care providers are all knowledgeable in animal body language, pet first aid, CPR, and recognition of animal medical conditions. This gives them the ability to provide that extra level of care to animals who struggle with anxiety or aggression. It also enables them to properly handle emergency situations and allows them to identify early signs of medical conditions. Join Our Cause Over the years, we’ve found that many of our clients share our passion for giving back to these incredible organizations. We’re so grateful for the astounding support for our mission and the opportunity to show our appreciation. With our ever-expending reach, we hope to continue lifting up those who deserve it most. Join us in our mission!

  • Board and Train in Denver, CO | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    Board and Train in Denver With our board and train service, we cover all essential obedience training in a 2 week program. We also offer pet taxis . Reserve Now What Board and Train Includes TRAINING COVERED: 24 Training Skills 2 WEEK STAY Luxury Suite Rooms PRICE: $1,549.99 Dog Training Skills Included Training Skills: • Sit • Down • Stay • Come • Drop It • Leave It • Watch me • Go to Place • Release Cue • Leash Walking • Hand Targeting • Impulse Control • Chewing • Jumping • Destruction • Socialization • Stress Signals • Potty Training • Crate Training • Nipping & Biting • Proper Handling • Attention & Focus • Preventing Anxiety • Reliable Responses Service Information Being Exceptional is Our Specialty Our luxury suites all come with TV's, radios, and webcams. Your dog will be in paradise as they're enjoying educational activities & learning how to be the best pet they can be. Trusted, Experienced Pet Caregivers Our goal is to make your experience as simple and care-free as possible. We offer pet taxis to and from your location making your life easier. Video Updates You'll receive video & text updates keeping you up to date on your dog's learning so you never have to go too long without seeing your fur baby's face. READY TO GET STARTED? The first step is to submit a Reservation Request! Reservations

  • Serviced Areas | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    Serviced Areas North Denver Broomfield Thornton Westminster Henderson Commerce City East Denver Aurora Cherry Creek Park Hill Glendale Lone Tree South Denver Littleton Highlands Ranch Castle Rock Centennial Parker West Denver Arvada Golden Lakewood Morrison Ken Caryl

  • Pet Care Information Form | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare

    Pet Care Instructions Name: Address: Please list instructions for your Care Provider to follow during your visits: Does your pet(s) get fearful or aggressive towards other animals or strangers? How much food does your pet(s) get per meal & day? Where will your pet(s) food be located? Does your pet(s) have any special needs or take medications? If yes, please describe. Does your pet(s) have any treat, food, or enviromental allergies? Pet waste removal notes: Primary and emergency veterinarian contact information: Owner's emergency contact (If we're unable to reach you in an emergency): Access notes: Any additional information you’d like to add? Your Signature Clear Submit Sent!

  • Caregiver Profile - SK | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare

    Samantha K. Certified Animal Care Provider, Dual Trained in Pet First Aid & CPR 1276 Reviews 4.8 Stars Location: Denver, CO Education Veterinary Technology, ​SUNY Ulster College Animal Behavior & Dog Training, Karen Pryor Academy Applied Science Veterinary Technology, Medaille University Experience Veterinary A ss istant, Macedon Animal Care Veterinary A ss istant, Companion Animal Hospital Professional Dog Trainer, DOD Dog Training Corp. Volunteer Animal Attendant, Rochester Animal Shelter Certifications & Insurance Animal First Aid & CPR, American Red Cross Pet First Aid and Emergency, CPD Certification Premium Member Coverage, Pet Sitters Associates Insurance Specialities in Animal Care Speciality Care for Elderly Pets Speciality Care for Pets with Disabilities Oral & Injection Medication Administration Care for Exotic Animals, Mammals & Reptiles Care for Animals with History of Anxiety and Aggression Photo Gallery Member and Insured Through

  • Lab Puppy for Sale | FULLY TRAINED & Certified AKC

    Lab Puppies For Sale Labrador Puppies | AKC Registered Top Rated Breeder in Colorado Contact Us What Makes Our Labrador Puppies Exceptional PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Our Pups Come FULLY Trained AKC REGISTERED AKC Certified Purebred HEALTH GUARANTEE: Veterinarian Checked & Certified Why Choose Us? Loving, Family Environment Our lab puppies are raised as part of our family. They're raised in a caring, nurturing environment to help them gain the experience they need to perfectly fit in your family. FULLY Trained in 12 Tasks All our pups go through extensive training with highly skilled expert trainers to become well-versed in obedience tasks. This training produces the most incredible pets and some even go on to become service dogs. Veterinarian Certified Health Our labs have been health checked and approved by veterinarians. They receive all vaccinations, de-worming rounds, and passed all their puppy health tests. Description We offer top of the line, purebred, AKC Registered Labrador Puppies. All puppies have been health and temperament tested. Our puppies come with a health guarantee, all puppy vaccinations, and American Kennel Club Registry paperwork. When you go with Happy Paws, you can be sure you're not supporting puppy mills and unsafe breeding practices. All our lab puppies come fully trained in obedience commands including: sit, stay, down, come, watch me and leave it. We also train them on impulse control and leash walking. We even start their potty training! They've been well socialized with other puppies, dogs, and children. They're raised in a loving home environment from day one until they're paired with their forever home. We take extra care and consideration when it comes to choosing their pet parents. Our AKC Labrador Puppies are $2,995. READY TO GET STARTED? The first step is to contact us! Contact Us

  • Exotic Pet Sitting | Denver, CO | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    Exotic Animal Pet Sitting We provide pet sitting for a variety of exotic animals including rabbits, ferrets, lizards, turtles, hamsters, birds, rats & more ! Book Now What Exotic Animal Pet Sitting Includes FEEDING & WATER 1-3 times per day VISIT TIMES 1-3 times per day PRICE: $35 per 30 min. visit Why Choose Us? Trusted, Experienced Pet Caregivers We're experienced in caring for numerous different species. For each visit we provide habitat cleanings & personalized care. No matter the care your pet needs, we've got you covered! Photo Updates You'll receive text & photo updates for every visit so you never have to go too long without seeing your baby's face. Being Exceptional is Our Specialty Our pet caregivers go the extra mile, every time! Animal care is never one size fits all, special requests are our specialty. Our goal is to provide our pet owners with an incredible experience! Add-ons & Extras 1 Hour Visit $55 Additional Cat Cost $5 Additional Dog Cost $10 Meet & Greet - In-Person $30 Meet & Greet - Virtual (No Cost) Administration of Medications - (No Cost) Service Description We provide pet sitting all across the Denver metro area. We care for a wide variety of exotic & farm animals including but not limited to: rabbits, ferrets, rats, hamsters, reptiles, birds, chickens, horses & fish. Check out our Dog Sitting & Cat Sitting services too! Our pet caregivers are loving, experienced, and can stop by up to 4 times per day if needed. Each visit is customized for your pet's exact needs. We'll provide habitat cleanings, one-on-one attention, or just some quiet companionship depending on what your pet needs most! We'll also refresh their water supply, clean their waste collection, and administer any medications or treatments they may need. Multiple pets? No problem! We're always happy to take care of any other pets in the home. We offer an additional exotic pet fee of $10, additional cat fee of $5, and additional dog fee of $10. We provide text and photo updates every visit keeping you in the loop always! Interested in booking a Meet & Greet with your care provider? We offer 20 minute virtual Meet & Greets complementary with every reservation and in-person Meet & Greets for $30. READY TO GET STARTED? The first step is to submit a Reservation Request! Book Now

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