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  • Recommended Enrichment Toys | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    recommended enrichment toys & Puzzles OBEDIENCE TRAINING 101 GUIDE Kong Classic This stuffable, durable toy will keep your dog busy for hours! Stuff with their favorite filling and freeze overnight. In the morning you’ll have a long-lasting treat that your dog will love. ​Get Yours ​HERE ​. Kong Wobbler This is a larger, inactive version of the classic Kong. Fill this toy with your dog’s kibble to turn meal time into a game that provides them with mental stimulation. The toy must be knocked around for the kibble to spill out which keeps your pup happily occupied. G​et Yours ​HERE .​ Marrow Bones ​ ​ These bones can come pre-stuffed or empty so that you can stuff them yourself. They can be filled with various treats from peanut butter to bananas. Freeze it overnight to give your dog a savory bone that’ll engage both their mind and their mouth. ​​Get Yours ​HERE ​. ​ Treat Ball ​ Your dog will have a blast rolling this ball around to get the treats inside. This is another great form of mental stimulation that you can give with treats or to feed their regular meals. ​Get Yours ​HERE ​. Snuffle Mat ​ ​ Snuffle mats are a great source of entertainment! They come with many pieces of felt sewn together. Place your dog’s treats or kibble inside. They’ll work hard using their nose and mouth to find and retrieve the treats. ​Get Yours ​HERE ​. StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy ​ This enrichment toy is very similar to the Kong Wobbler. It has an adjustable hole on the side that will spill out kibble when knocked around making it a fun brain game that your dog can enjoy every day. ​Get Yours ​HERE .​ Puzzle Games ​ Puzzle games entice your dog to use their nose and reasoning skills to figure out how to get to the hidden food below the puzzle pieces. These puzzles come in various shapes, sizes, and difficulty levels. ​Get Yours ​HERE .​ Licki Mat Bowl These flexible bowls can be coated with moist treats or your dogs moistened kibble and frozen. Once frozen, your dog will have to work hard to lick all of the food off. Get Yours ​HERE .​ Squeaky Squirrel Puzzle Toy ​ This plush toy can be given as a fun activity. It has a hide and seek theme including squeaky squirrel toys. Your dog will have to figure out how to get the squirrels out of the toy. ​ Get Yours HERE . Everlasting Treat Bento Ball ​ ​ ​These balls come with flavorful inserts that stick into the ball. This toy can last for weeks as your dog slowly works away at the treat. When done, you can fill with another insert and the activity starts all over again! ​Get Yours ​HERE​ . Flirt Poles Flirt poles are an excellent way to tire out your dog in a fun way that engages their want to chase. You can attach different toys to the end and play with them in a way that will tire them out both physically and mentally. ​Get Yours​ HERE .​ ​ Read more about the Behavior Benefits of Chew Toys & Puzzles.

  • Crate Training | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    Crate Training OBEDIENCE TRAINING 101 GUIDE Key Points of Crate Training ​ ​ Crates are designed to resemble dens that wild dogs would make. Your dog’s natural instincts are to find a den to make their safe place. They see their dens as somewhere to be comfortable, find solitude, and sleep. Make their crate a happy place for them to be. Crates are an excellent potty training tool because dogs don’t like to go potty in the same space they sleep in. This teaches them to hold it until their potty break outside. If you don’t like the idea of keeping your dog in a crate, you can always phase out the crate after potty training is complete. Crates keep your puppy safe from getting into trouble or possibly damaging items around your home while you’re away. Crates should ​never​ be used for punishment and you should ​never​ force your dog in their crate. This will create a bad association with the crate. If a dog starts to fear their crate, they won’t want to go inside it and you may end up having to force them in every time. Instead use treats and their favorite toys to entice them to go in. Dogs can hold their urine and stool for the same amount of hours as they are months old. For example, a 5 month old dog can hold it for 5 hours. Limit their time in the crate. If your dog can only hold it for 5 hours then be sure that they are not spending more than 5 hours in the crate. Dogs are social creatures, they can become depressed and anxious if they are kept in a crate too long. Be sure to get the help of friends, family, or a dog walker to make sure your dog's needs are being met. During potty training the crate should be big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie back down. If they have enough room to go potty on one side and then sleep on the other, they will. After potty training you can make it bigger and more comfy for them. The crates that can expand as the puppy grows work fantastic for training. ​ ​ ​ Step 1 - Introducing Your Dog to The Crate Place the crate in a common area of your home where you spend the most time, like a living room or kitchen. Allow the dog to investigate on their own. Don’t rush the process, we want them to have positive feelings about their crate. Place some favorite treats and toys inside for them along with a soft blanket or towel. Give them the opportunity to go in and out by leaving the door open at first. Encourage them to enter the crate with praise. If they don’t want to go all the way in at first, that’s ok. This process can take a few hours or a few weeks. Let them go at their own pace. If it takes a while for them to warm up to their crate and you need to leave them somewhere safe while you’re gone, you can set up baby gates to puppy proof an area if needed or use a small puppy proofed room. Step 2 - Getting Your Dog to Love Their Crate ​ It’s normal for your dog to be uncomfortable about being separated from you at first. We have to teach them that being in the crate is ok, that they are safe, and that nothing bad is going to happen. We do this by making their crate a wonderful place to be. Start this process by feeding their meals inside of their crate. This will build their positive association with the crate. Once they are comfortable going inside, gradually increase the time they’re in there. Start with a minute or two. Build up to longer periods of time. Put the dog in their crate for small periods of time throughout the day when people are around. If the dog is only put in the crate when you leave they will start to think that the crate means my humans are leaving and I’m going to be all alone. Puppies need 15-20 hours of sleep a day so giving them a nice cozy place to nap is a great way to let them get used to their crate. You can leave the door open at times when you are home so they are free to come and go. ​ ​ ​ Step 3 - Troubleshooting Crate Training ​ ​ It’s normal for dogs to whine and bark in the beginning stages. But it’s important for them to learn how to soothe themselves in this experience. Dogs can develop separation anxiety if they don’t learn how to cope with being left alone. Although it may be hard, you will only encourage these behaviors if you give in and let them out. Once they learn that whiny and barking will get them out they will continue these behaviors. Give them some time to soothe themselves. However, if you are unsure if they are whining for attention or because they have to go out, always take them out to be safe. Once you become familiar with your dog's habits it’ll become easier for you to tell if it’s a call for attention or for a potty break. Talking to them or yelling at them to stop is still giving them your attention, even though it’s negative attention, any form of attention will encourage your dog to continue. Consider moving the crate into your bedroom for bedtime. Your dog could benefit from the comfort of being near you. This will also make it easier for you to know if they need to go potty. When leaving the house don’t prolong goodbyes, keep them short and sweet. This practice will encourage relaxed behavior for your departures and won’t draw their focus to the fact that they are being left alone. For dogs with separation anxiety using a crate is likely not a good choice. If your dog is panicking in their crate and not able to soothe themselves then consider other options. Baby gated areas and exercise pens can be a good alternative to a crate. You can also consider a pet sitter or doggy day care. PRINT

  • Service Dog Referrals | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare

    Service Dog Company Referrals We Only Recommend Companies Who Use Positive Reinforcement Training Methods 1 Canine Partners of the Rockies 2 Freedom Service Dogs of America 3 Domino Service Dogs

  • Testimonials | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    What Our Clients Say Thousands of 5 Star Reviews & Counting Kate M. "I've had so many wonderful experiences with Happy Paws! They're the only company we'll ever use." Jessica B. "Always on time and dependable! Highly recommended them." Sharon P. "These are the only ladies I trust with my dog Bruno. They're always so sweet and Bruno LOVES them."

  • Pet Boarding for Exotic Animals | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    Pet Boarding for Exotic Animals Book our 5 star luxury pet boarding in Denver, Colorado. We provide complimentary pet taxis, luxury suites, TVs & webcams. Book Now What Pet Boarding for Exotic Animals Includes LUXURY SUITES Private Accommodations MEALS & ACTIVITIES 1-3 times per day PRICE: $39.99 / Day Why Choose Us? Being Exceptional is Our Specialty Our private suites all come with TV's, radios, and webcams. Your pet will be in paradise enjoying fun activities, getting tons of personalized attention, & relaxing in their private accommodations. Trusted, Experienced Pet Caregivers Our goal is to make your experience as incredible as possible! We provide complimentary pet taxis to and from your location making your life easier. Photo Updates You'll receive text & photo updates every day so you never have to go too long without seeing your baby's face. Service Description We're TOP rated for luxury pet boarding in Denver, Colorado. Our caregivers provide our complimentary Pet Taxi Service for pick up & drop off. Each pet that stays with us is given an incredible experience! We provide luxurious accommodations including private suites with individual beds, TVs, radios, cameras, enrichment toys, and numerous daily activities to keep your pet happily entertained. We're also able to administer any medications they may need. In addition, we provide text and photo updates daily keeping you in the loop always! Multiple pets? No problem! We're also happy to take care of any other animals you have if needed. Visit our cat boarding & dog boarding pages for more details. READY TO GET STARTED? The first step is to submit a Reservation Request! Book Now

  • Dog Walking in Denver | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    Dog Walking & Dog Park Trips Book our certified care givers to give your pup all the exercise & fun adventures they crave! Reserve Now What Dog Walking & Dog Park Trips Include MEALS & WATER 1-3 times per day WALKING / PLAYTIME 1-3 visits per day PRICE: $35 per 30 min. visit Why Choose Us? Trusted, Experienced Pet Caregivers Our pet caregivers go the extra mile, every time. We give each pup their own individualized care whether thats walks, playtime, cuddles, or all three! Photo Updates You'll receive text & photo updates for every visit so you never have to go too long without seeing your fur baby's face. Being Exceptional is Our Specialty Whether you need us to water your plants, feed your fish or bring your packages inside, we've got you covered! Add-ons & Extras 1 Hour Visit $55 Additional Cat Cost $5 Additional Dog Cost $10 Meet & Greet - In-Person $30 Meet & Greet - Virtual (No Cost) Administration of Medications - (No Cost) Service Description We provide dog walking all over the Denver metro area! Our pet caregivers are loving, experienced, and can stop by up to 3 times per day if needed. You'll receive a 10% discount for 3 or more visits booked per day! During our visits we can give meals, give your pup exercise or snuggles, clean litter boxes, and we're also able to administer any medications they may need. We're also happy to take care of any other pets in the home if needed during our visit. Our rate starts at $35 per visit with an additional per dog fee of $10 and per cat fee of $5. We provide text and photo updates every visit keeping you in the loop always! READY TO GET STARTED? The first step is to submit a Reservation Request! Reservations

  • Preventing Anxiety | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare ®

    Preventing anxiety OBEDIENCE TRAINING 101 GUIDE Dogs with anxiety or separation anxiety can experience distress when they're left alone which commonly results in: Excessive barking, whining, or howling Urination and defecation Destructive behavior Digging and scratching ​ Signs of Separation Anxiety The behavior occurs primarily when they’re left alone and typically begins soon after you leave. They act anxious, depressed, or overly excited when you are getting ready to leave the house. They follow you from room to room when you're home. They display frantic greeting behaviors. ​ Triggers for Separation Anxiety A dog accustomed to constant human companionship is left alone. A dog experiences a traumatic event, such as a stressful boarding situation or living in a shelter. A major change in the dogs routine because of a family disruption, such as the loss of a family member or another family pet. ​ How to Treat Minor Separation Anxiety Keep your arrivals and departures short and sweet so the dog isn’t focusing on the events too much. Don’t give long drawn out goodbyes and when you come back greet them with calm affection. Leave them with an item that smells like you like a blanket or shirt. Provide adequate physical and mental stimulation. As well as meeting their exercise needs, be sure to provide enrichment toys for them. When you are away consider using a doggy day care, pet sitter, friends or family. Discuss options with your veterinarian. How to Treat Major Separation Anxiety Give your dog a special place to make their own happy place like a dog proofed room or gated off area of the house. Make sure this area is away from any noise that could be triggering. Play them soothing music made to calm dogs with separation anxiety. Provide them with various enrichment toys, include long lasting chew toys, and add person items with your scent to this area. NEVER use this area as a punishment. Make this your dog's happy place only. No children, no adults, no other pets unless they help to ease your dog's anxiety. Practice small durations of being alone and gradually build up to longer time periods. NEVER punish a dog for behaviors they display because of separation anxiety, this will only increase their anxiety and likely worsen the behaviors. Talk to your veterinarian about medications that may be able to help. PRINT

  • Reserve Our Pet Taxi in Denver | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare

    Pet Taxi in Denver Book our local, trusted pet taxi service to help with transporting your pet around Denver! Reserve Now What Our Pet Taxi Service Includes MEALS & WATER Given at Drop Off POTTY BREAK / PLAYTIME 1 x 10 Minutes PRICE: $59.99 Why Choose Us? Trusted, Experienced Pet Caregivers Our pet caregivers go the extra mile, every time! We can provide meals or a longer session time if needed, administer medications, and of course shower them with lots of snuggles! Photo Updates You'll receive text & photo updates keeping you up to date on the pick up and drop off, and so you never have to go too long without seeing your fur baby's face. Being Exceptional is Our Specialty Whether you need us to feed your fish or bring your packages inside, we've got you covered! Service Description We provide our pet taxi service all across the Denver metro area. If you're booking an additional service with us you'll receive a 10% DISCOUNT on your pet taxi for a one way trip or a 25% DISCOUNT for pick up & drop off. Our pet caregivers are loving, experienced, and will always make sure your pet's given the highest quality of care. They'll get a 10 minute walk or playtime session included with their pet taxi service and you're able to upgrade to 30 minutes for a $25 fee. You'll receive text updates letting you know when your pet caregiver is on their way, what their ETA is, and a text and photo message when they've arrived at their destination. Multiple pets? No problem! We offer an additional per dog fee of $15 and per cat fee of $10. We're also happy to take care of any other small pets in the home if needed. READY TO GET STARTED? The first step is to submit a Reservation Request! Reservations

  • Pet Care Information Form | HAPPY PAWS - PetCare

    Pet Care Instructions Name: Address: Please list instructions for your Care Provider to follow during your visits: Does your pet(s) get fearful or aggressive towards other animals or strangers? How much food does your pet(s) get per meal & day? Where will your pet(s) food be located? Does your pet(s) have any special needs or take medications? If yes, please describe. Does your pet(s) have any treat, food, or enviromental allergies? Pet waste removal notes: Primary and emergency veterinarian contact information: Owner's emergency contact (If we're unable to reach you in an emergency): Access notes: Any additional information you’d like to add? Your Signature Clear Submit Sent!

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