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Thousands of 5 Star Reviews
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Kate M.

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"I've had so many wonderful experiences with Happy Paws! They're the only company we'll ever use."

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Jessica B.

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"Always on time and dependable! Highly recommended them."

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Sharon P.

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"These are the only ladies I trust with my dog Bruno. They're always so sweet and Bruno LOVES them."

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About Us

Our team of certified dog trainers and pet sitters have been educated by some of the most prestigious academies in the country. We train using only positive reinforcement training methods which have been scientifically proven to give the most effective, longest lasting results. These methods are recommended by the Dog Trainers Association of America and the United States Humane Society.


Do You Offer Puppy Training in Denver?

Yes we do! We offer our puppy training services to most locations within an hour radius of Denver. If you are unsure if we service your location, contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. We pride ourselves on being one of the top rated puppy training companies in Denver, Colorado. 

Do You Offer Board and Train in Denver?

Yes we do. All our training programs can be converted to board and train programs. We accept puppies who are 12 weeks and older. Each pet that stays with us is given a wonderful experience. We provide luxurious accommodations including private rooms, suites with individual beds, TVs, cameras, enrichment toys, and daily activities to keep your pup happily entertained.

Do you Offer Puppy Training Classes?

Yes, we offer our puppy training classes all across the Denver area. All our puppy classes come with private in-home dog training lessons. Whether you’re seeking puppy training or dog training, there’s no need to drive anywhere or deal with the over-crowded classrooms anymore! Dogs learn much better when they’re able to focus and practice in their own home. Because these are private lessons, our trainers are also able to personalize your lessons which makes us able to produce faster results with long-lasting positive behavior.

What is Included in Your Puppy Training Classes? 

We offer two of the best selling puppy training classes in Denver, our Obedience Training 1 - on - 1 Course and our Obedience Training - Online Course. These private classes both include all of the important foundation behaviors and skills you’ll need to teach your puppy (sit, stay, come, leave it & more). These lessons also include essential tips for socializing your puppy, creating a strong bond with them, and how to set them up to be a perfect companion for life. In addition, the two most sought after lessons by new pet parents: potty training a puppy and crate training a puppy, will be covered in these courses.

When Should I Start Puppy Training Classes?

You can start formal training lessons at as early as 9-11 weeks old. Puppies who start learning obedience and manners at an early age are much less likely to develop behavior problems down the road. It’s important to start setting rules and expectations for them early on so that they have consistent guidance through their early development period. Remember that your puppy is always learning at this age whether you're purposely teaching them or not, so be clear about the behaviors you don't like as well as the behaviors you do. 

How to Start Training Your New Puppy

You should start training your new puppy the rules of the house as soon as you bring them home. This includes where to go potty and how to use their mouth appropriately. Formal training can begin as soon as they're 9 weeks old. Bringing home a new puppy is such an exciting experience! They can bring us so much happiness; but poor behavior can often leave us feeling overwhelmed. Puppies are often easily distracted making training on your own a challenge. This is where our trainers come in to save the day. Our trainers have extensive experienced in managing puppy behavior. We know exactly how to get the most out of a training session with your puppy. 

Find Answers to More Questions on Our FAQ page.

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